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Holiday boat hire : our suggested cruise for weekly booking

Looking for holiday boat hire in Anjou ? We help you choose a route with some cruise suggestions !

vacances semaine bateau flamboyante mayenne

Marvellous Mayenne

One quiet week to discover the wild meanders of the Mayenne river. From the rolling countryside landscapes of the northern valley down to the peaceful city of Angers ...

Return Trip

Grez Neuville

Mayenne river

semaine bateau vacances chateaux jardins anjou

Châteaux & Gardens

Quaint villages, châteaux and gardens : enjoy your boating holidays and uncover the historical patrimony of the region. Heading down the heart of the vegetal capital through a protected "Natura 2000" quiet area.

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Sablé Sur Sarthe

Sarthe & Maine rivers

vacances semaine bateau le mans

Heading for the Plantagenêt City

Go up the Sarthe River for a journey through the history of the region. At last, reach the Plantagenêt City : Le Mans. Its old town, its legendary circuit, and many more ...

Return trip

Sablé Sur Sarthe

Sarthe river

vacances semaine bateau anjou

Through the Anjou lower valleys

Start an adventure in the heart of the Anjou lower valleys. Navigate in the protected "Natura 2000" area where the Sarthe and Mayenne rivers meet. A one way that can be done on a few days, a week or more !

One-way trip

Sablé Sur Sarthe or Grez Neuville

Sarthe & Mayenne river

The Rivers of Western France : a huge navigable area for a holiday boat hire

Whether it is on the Sarthe or Mayenne side, with a little bit less than 300 km of navigable waters, you can put up a customize route to suit what you are looking to do.

Two marinas are available : Sablé Sur Sarthe and Grez Neuville.

Do not hesitate ro reach us if you need any help putting up cruise on the Rivers of Western France® !

Holiday boat hire with children : find activities along the way !

Turn these vacation into a wonderfull time for the grownups but also the little pirates ! So, here is a non-exhaustive list of activities than you can reach along the river to entertain the younger sailors of your crew !

semaine bateau activités enfant

Join us in the adventure for your boating holidays !