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Boat hire cruise : our cruise suggestions

You are looking for a boat hire cruise idea in Anjou, France ? We help you organize your adventure !

Why choose the Rivers of Western France® for your boat hire cruise ?

Hidden in an enclave and away from the crowded areas, the Rivers of Western France® or one of the biggest navigable waters in France. Indeed, with almost 300km of rivers … the Sarthe, Mayenne, Oudon and Maine have a large diversity of landscape and patrimony to uncover.

And, you might already figured this out : no never-ending straight and artificial canals here ! But only natural rivers that kept their charm, their wild meanders, etc … Moreover, it is along these waterways that our ancestors settled, traveled and made history.


The Anjou and the Rivers of Western France® are indeed an area where you see many châteaux, watermills, abbayes and other historical patrimony. Some legacies you can enjoy, discovering and visiting during your cruise.

Local features that makes the difference : a boat hire cruise in a responsible territory

Might be a detail for some, but one that makes the difference … Here, it is our territories that maintain their own rivers ! This is one of the rare areas in France where we kept our independance. No big, impersonal operator ! Here, the rivers and all the surrounding infrastructures and jobs are handled by the departments : a guarantee of quality and care.

Finally, a feature that you will like if you wish to leave your car during vacation … Our marina in Sablé Sur Sarthe is reachable by foot from a high speed train “TGV” station, linking cities such as Paris or Nantes in less than 2 hours.

Gather your crew and come join us in this adventure !