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Family Boat Rental

Find the perfect boat rental for your family vacation !

nicols octo

Nicols Octo
(Estivale range)

A high end boat with 4 cabins. You will enjoy its wide spaces both inside and outside ; and also its numerous equipments !

7 to 10


nicols sixto

Nicols Sixto
(Estivale range)

Unquestionably the best 3-cabin boat of the fleet ! Wide living spaces and a complete equipment that makes the Sixto a high end boat with no compromis !

5 to 8


nicols quattro

Nicols Quattro B
(Estivale range)

Here is the best 2-cabin boat of the fleet ! As roomy as it is equipped, a high end boat with no compromise, embarking many secrets !

4 to 6


nicols 1350

Nicols 1350B
(Comfort range)

A proud vessel, big both by size AND heart ! An ideal choice for a family reunion or a vacation for a large crew ! You will enjoy the Nicols 1350B for its wide spaces, its capacity and comfort.

8 to 10


nicols 1100 extérieur

Nicols 1100
(Comfort range)

Here is a boat that has seen a lot of happy friends reunions ! Perect for 3 couples or for a family, the Nicols 1100 provides a comfortable inside space, but also an elegant look !

5 to 9


nicols 1170

Nicols 1170
(Sedan range)

Here is an optimized boat that comes with a large capacity and beautiful outside areas ! Perfect for a family reunion or a group of friends, looking to enjoy the beauty ouf our region !

6 to 10


nicols 900

Nicols 900 DP
(Comfort range)

A Nicols boatthat made success thanks to its well-thought design : comfortable and optimized indeed ! Perfect for two couples or for a family willing to have bedrooms that are truly separated.

4 to 7


nicols 1000

Nicols 1000 & 1010
(Sedan range)

Here are two Nicols boats focused on outside space ! Perfect for a family, a couple or two couples of friends. You will enjoy their rear terrace and space optimisation. Choose the 1000 for its large captain's cabin or the 1010 for a more harmonized distribution of cabin space.

eau claire 1130

Eau Claire 1130 Loft
(Classic range)

All the modern comfort inside with a retro vintage look outside ! Perfect for two couples or a family, this renovated barge-like boat is the only one of its kind. The cheapest of our two cabin boat ... that competes with the most modern of our yacht-like boats !

4 to 8


marina 1400

Marina 1400
(Classic range)

A barge-like, perfect for big family reunions, or if you are looking for a roomy boat with a small budget ! In a few words : spacious, convivial ... and economical !

6 to 11


How to prepare your family boat rental properly ?

That is some unique experience  : turn your family or your gang into a functional crew !

Once your dates are settled and maybe the boat that suits you, we are here to help you prepare your family adventure !

A boating adventure turned toward exploration and discovery

Our team will guide you before, during and after boarding to help you make the whole family a real crew of fresh water sailors !

For the more curious, come take a look at our online initiation to navigating here, a sneak peek of what you will learn during the training that will be the first step of your adventure.

To organize your trip, take a look to our cruise suggestion here, or simply let the river flow take you and make improvised stopovers where your heart feels like it.

Join us in the adventure of family boat rental !