The departure is imminent !

Get ready to cast off aboard your self-drive boat!

Bateau sans permis Anjou Navigation

Self-drive boat ?

Anjou Navigation is authorized to give a temporary licence to the captain of the boat as soon as :

  • One of the persons in charge of the boat is over 18 years old. (someone under 16 is allowed to drive only with the captain of the boat)
  • One respects the accommodating capacity of the boat
  • the captain(s) attends to a full personalised tuition of the boat handling which includes :
    • An introduction to the river code,
    • An introdution to the navigation principle,
    • A demonstration of  the engine control devices,
    • A demonstration on how to drive and moor up.

Captain’s handbook

From the booking, we will give you the Captain’s Handbook in order to prepare your holidays. Aboard, you will also have a file that includes :

  • The river maps and pieces of information about navigating on a river,
  • Hiking trails,
  • Tourism literature.

Navigate safely!

Each boat is equipped with :

  • Guardrails,
  • A swimming ladder,
  • Handrails allowing you to go to the front deck

Each boat has also :

  • An anchor
  • Fire extinguishers
  • A boathook
  • A foghorn
  • Fenders
  • Lifejackets
  • A first aid kit
  • A buoy

Lifejackets for children are freely available at the start.  


Third-party insurance and boat insurance are included in our hire fee. Nevertheless, we will ask you a security deposit before you go.
This would be EUR 800 or EUR 1000 according to the boat. A cleaning deposit will also be required – EUR 150 or EUR 200. These deposits are not cashed.

We will give them back to you when you return, according to the condition of the boat.

An exclusively French fleet

Our fleet is made of boats built by the French boat manufacturers Jeanneau or Nicols, based in the West of France (Cholet)

Self-sufficiency of the boats

  • Gas

The boats are equipped with two gas bottles for the heater and to cook. You should have sufficient gas for all the duration of your cruise.

  • Water 

The boats have a water tank containing between 200L and 1000L according to the boat.  The boat is handed over with a full water tank, the supply is free of charge in the locks. Hot water is supplied by running the engine.

Please note : If you intend to spend your first night at the departure base, you will have to run the engine at the neutral position or to call us before – we will make it run for you.

  • Fuel 

The boats have a 15-day fuel autonomy. The price varies between EUR 5 and EUR 8.95 per hour of navigation, according to the boat.

You must pay the fuel either at the return after reading the hour meters, or before you go as a fuel package. On average, 5 hours of navigation per day, meaning 10 hours per weekend, 20 hours per mid-week  and 30 hours per week.

  • Electricity

Many boats are equipped with a 220V shore power plug, if not, a 12v cigarette lighter plug.


Our staff is here to help you to choose your ideal boat, feel free to contact us for any advice !