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All aboard ! Get ready to cast off aboard your self-drive boat ! Easy, handy, we answer your questions !

Bateau sans permis Anjou Navigation

Yes ! Anjou Navigation is licensed to give you a temporary license if :

  • One of you is 18+ years old
  • The number of person on board does not exceed the boat’s maximal capacity
  • You follow a complete and personnalized training (approximately 1 hour) :
    • Signs, rules and map reading initiation
    • How to use all the equipments on board
    • An initiation cruise, including how to deck and use ropes

No worries ! You will find every step of the training inside two books on board of your self drive boat. For the eager captain, take a look at our online initiation by clicking here !

Raphaël’s advice : your rental includes a 24/7 assistance : we are here to help you !

Safety vests, safety barriers, demonstrations : your security is our priority !

You will also find onboard many safety equipments as :

  • Anchor
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Boat Hook
  • Foghorn
  • Fenders
  • First Aid Kit
  • Crown Buoy

Kevin’s advice : children also have beautiful experiences to share on board : learn how to use a lock, how to fish, enjoy the numerous activities alongside the rivers etc …

Then come and see us !

Sea and transportation sickness ; what is it exactly ? It happens when there is a difference between what our eyes are telling us and what our brain is registering with all our other senses.

At sea, it can be hard to keep a fixed point on sight on the horizon when the limit between the water and the sky can be thin : we end up desoriented. Along the river, do not worry, there are many things that catch the eyes !

In a car or in a bus ; its mostly the impression of speed that is in opposition to the sensation of immobility. But here, at 10km/hour do not worry about speed excess !

MANY places ! Almost every villages that you will come across have a deck, a quay or even a small marina where you can moor your boat. The lock’s decks are also available for parking during the closing hours of the lock. Spend the night, do a visit or stop for a restaurant/activity : the rivers never lack a place to stop. Go get a glimpse on our cruise suggestions !

Guillaume’s advice : for those that love being in the heart of nature : all our boats are equipped with two spikes and a hammer that will allow you to moor anywhere in the countryside !

We take care of everything ! No pump on the river : we simply take a look at the engine meter at departure and return. The hourly meter runs when the engine is on ; the price per hour is around 6-10€ depending on the boat. Most crew use the engine in the average of 5H per day.

Bernard’s advice : you can pay the fuel before departure, with a package including 5h per day/30h per week ! Ask it here !

At departure, your tank is full. We then advise to top it up once a day. It is completely free and takes no additional time ! You will find at the locks a waterhose that you can use while going through the lock.

To get hot water, all you need to do is make the engine run (30-40 minutes is enough). The water will stay hot during many hours !

Jean-François’s advice : in case of a late arrival, do not hesitate to contact us so we can make the engine run previously to your arrival, in order to have hot water on your first night !

That’s where the magic operates ! Imagine the comfort of a travelling home, in the middle of a protected environment, with the soft sound of water flowing all around you … You will find on all our boats :

  • Beds
  • Shower
  • Toilets
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • And many more …

Each of our boat has its own little secrets : sliding roof for one, single storey terrace for another, outside shower for this one, outside sterring wheel for that one etc … Take a look at our fleet !

Do not worry ! Every year, several hundreds crews navigate for the first time here in Anjou ; and without a scratch ! How is that even possible you tell me ?! Well, aside from a complete training, we have an allproof recipe :

  • Take an easy river to sail, perfect for beginners
  • Add protections (fenders, strake) around the boat
  • Cover the cruise with many lock keepers happy to help and advise
  • Heat the engine at the low speed of 10km/h maximum, perfect to take the time and enjoy your vacations
  • Sprinkle the whole with a fluid navigation, in a holiday-boating mood !

Our biggest houseboats like the Nicols 1350, the SixtoQuattro B or the Octo are even equipped with manoeuvering thrusters : a handy device that allows you to move your boat laterally (I know you dream of having this on your car, don’t you ?)

For the more skepticals : all our prices includes an insurance for any damages caused on third parties. You are also covered by our insurance with a deductible ranging from 800€ to 1500€ (depending on the boat) that you will leave as a deposit on departure.

Easy as a child’s game ! Learning how to go through a lock will be part of your training at departure. Every lock includes : 

  • A deck on each side to help you get off and on your boat
  • Ropes already set up inside the lock to maintain the boat easily by hand
  • Easy to use wheels and handles that will open/close the doors, fill or empty the lock

Lock keepers working in most of the locks will make your journey even more easy.

Christian’s advice : you can help the lock keeper if you want ! They always have a good story or nice locations to share !

Of course ! From the tiniest to the biggest boat, you will always have the possibility to plug ! We give you a free converter to have 220v (like at home) and plug devices like a phone, camera, tablet or laptop.

Some places on your journey are equipped with quay plugs that allow you to use more powerful equipments (hair dryer, etc…)

Of course ! You have two gas bottle at diposal on each boat (more than enough to raid every harbour in Anjou !) that you will use for heating and cooking.

Who says houseboat, says kitchen ! Two cooking plates (sometime more), an oven, sink, refrigerator … Everything you need ! All that’s missing : good products to have memorable dinners !

 I have other questions !

Ask them to Bernard our mascot : he’s got an answer for everything ! Practical, technical, touristic, pricing, 10 top joke a sailor should know … Bernard will answer the call ! Click here !