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Boat Anjou Navigation

You are looking for the perfect boat for a navigation in Anjou ? We help you choose the right one !

How to chose the right boat with Anjou Navigation ?

With 30 boats, but also many different range and size, it is not the easiest task to find THE boat that will suit your crew. No worries though, we are here to help you !

Boat hire ... but no licence needed ?

All our boats are self-drive and do not need any licence ! Several reasons are enabling this.

First of all, the Rivers of Western France® are identified as a safe area that allows this kind of activity. Not only is there no strong current nor wind and no merchant boat navigating … but also and mostly is known to be an easy river to sail, with most of the locks operated by lock-keepers to help you out !

Also, not only are we renting boat, but Anjou Navigation is also certified to train you and deliver a temporary licence that will last during your cruise !

French and local savoir-faire for every Anjou Navigation boat

We also like to buy local ! Not only is 100% of our fleet of french conception … But even more, it is constructed here, in Anjou !

For what kind of crew ?

First of all, make sure to know your crew properly. How many adults and children ? How many inseparable couples ? Or even … how many loud snorers ?


Indeed, our boats can welcome from 2 to 12 people, with various design ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms. So, to help you out, we “sorted out” the fleet in several categories :

Find the style that will suit you !

We took the bet to offer our adventurous crew a large choice of boats, with 5 different ranges of boats. Among these ranges :

  • CLASSIC : barge-like boats with a vintage look, a lot of space inside and very economic
  • SEDAN : boats focusing on outside space and bed capacity
  • CONFORT : boats focusing on inside space and overall comfort
  • ESTIVALE : in a few words : high end, spacious, with a complet equipment
  • FLY : the biggest boat embarking the best of what is on the market !

Renting a boat with Anjou Navigation : the same team from A to Z

By booking directly through us, forget about intermediaries, call center and other subcontractor ! Indeed, here it is the same team that will guide you from start to finish : from organizing your cruise, to the training on the day of departure. The same team that takes care of the fleet maintenance all year long , that knows and improves the boats and that will help you before, during, and after your cruise !

Happy to hear

Because we invest a lot of time and means in each and every single pround new boat that join our adventure, we make sure to take care of them of course … But also to modernise them !


That is why, even when they come fresh out of the shipyard, we keep updating and modernising our boats ! Engine, equipement, helpful thrusters, new technologies or even inside renovation … Nothing scares us ! And this is all thanks to your feedback that we have the opportunity to adapt and choose our futur investments !

bateau anjou navigation

Join us in the adventure ! Embark on your Anjou Navigation boat