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Boat : in couple

Find the perfect boat for your couple getaway !

nicols duo

Nicols Duo
(Estivale range)

Roomy and well equiped both inside AND outside, the Duo is a high end boat with no comprise. Certainly the best choice for a couple !

2 to 4


nicols primo

Nicols Primo
(Sedan range)

An economical boat that you will appreciate for its romantic and luminous mood ! A small-size boat indeed, but how elegant !

2 to 4


eau claire 930 loft

Eau Claire 930 Loft
(Classic range)

A vintage look with a modern inside design inside for this small barge-like boat ! One of the most economical boat of the market. You will also appreciate how easy it is to navigate !

bateau en couple offre découverte

Discovery Offer
(2 days 1 night)

A low price for a discovery offer : two days and one night !



How to properly prepare your couple getaway on a boat

An adventure on a boat is the perfect way to build trust. But also put in practice the communication and teamwork that will develop itself between the captain and his/her second.


After choosing your dates ; and maybe the boat that will suit you, we are here to help you prepare your getaway with your significant other !

A boat adventure : explore Anjou and its many secrets !

We will guide you – before, during and after casting off – to help turn both of you into real fresh water sailors !

Come take a look to our online initiation to navigation : a sneak peek of what you will learn during the training that will be the first step of your couple getaway.

The, let the river flow take you ! Choose a cruise suggestion here, or simply stop along the way following your heart an desire !

Join us for the adventure !

bateau en couple anjou navigation