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Nicols Primo

max : 4 people
| dimensions : 7,95 x 3,40 m

A tiny little boat indeed, but what an elegance ! This boat, best suited for a couple, is also the most economic Nicols boat, and is praised for its romantic mood and luminosity !


The cabin situated next to the living room, at the bow, is equipped with a double bed and can comfortably welcome 2 adults. Also, by using the convertible in the living room, this boat can welcome up to 4 people maximum. Althought, the livign areas of this boat are mostly adapted for two people : do not hesitate to reach us to get an advice on what boat would suit your crew best.

The most affordable Nicols

For those willing to try a Nicols boat (100% french construction !) … Here is indeed a design thought, straight from the start, to be available at a reducted price.

The Sedan range : enjoy the outside

When we navigate in such wild environments, it would be a shame not to enjoy the nature outside ! Like the rest of the Sedan Range, the Primo is indeed equipped with a terrace on the same level and opened on the living-room.

A lovers’ hideout !

You only need to step on board to feel like you are already away on vacations with your loved one ! Not only thanks to its elegant look, but also with the luminosity of the living-room and the numerous windows all around … This boat is indeed specifically designed for a romantic getaway !

The little additionnal feature that makes the difference

In case you did not guess already : out here we like nature and light ! And to that extent, this boat is equipped with a sunroof that can be opened in the living-room to enjoy the sun and the outside while sailing.

And, of course, all the standard equipment for a successfull cruise !

  • A completely equipped kitchen (fridge, burners, oven, sink, tableware, etc …)
  • A room with toilet and shower
  • All bedding, sheets and linens included
  • A 220v quay plug but also a converter to recharge your phone batteries
  • All the necessary security equipment at last (life belt, boathook, fire extinguishers, life jackdets, etc …)
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Week-end : can start from Friday 4PM, return possible until Monday 9AM.

Mini-week : can start from Monday or Tuesday 2PM, return possible until Friday or Saturday 10AM.

Week : can start from Monday, or Friday, or Saturday 2PM, return possible 7 days later at 9AM.

Book from Grez Neuville on the Mayenne river

Book from Sablé Sur Sarthe on the Sarthe river

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