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(Edit from the 4th/12) : ATTENTION : in 2024, the administration is scheduling important work on the Mayenne river at the beginning of September. This suggested cruise will then be unavailable. More information by clicking on this link.

Marvellous Mayenne

Start Grez-Neuville| Period: 1 week (Mayenne) – 30H return cruise

The marvellous Mayenne and its beautiful landscapes invite you : come fishing, cycling on the towpath along the river. Follow its changes : wider near Angers while going through the Natura 2000 area ; it gets more hilly the more you are heading North toward its source.


Arrival at 2PM on our agency : boarding and training on your boat.

Le Lion d’Angers

Navigation : 40 min

Between the Mayenne and Oudon river, Le Lion d’Angers is the land of horses, with the national Haras de l’Isle Briand, a renowned place where horses are trained and do races. Why not come enjoy one of its many events ?

Montreuil sur Maine

Navigation : 1h

No need to walk a hundred miles ! Stop and take a look at this astounding small scaled Marian sanctuary of


Navigation : 1h

A must stop ! In this charming little village, climb the steps up to Notre-Dame du Sacré Cœur’s sculpture. If not for this magnificent piece of art, this spot is worth just by the nice panoramic view you can get. Go take a look at the Château des Rues, visit the Domaine des Rues or the beautiful watermill. And do not miss La Table du Meunier, we love that restaurant !

La Jaille-Yvon

Navigation : 30 min

La Jaille-Yvon is a good sporting stopover with Anjou Sport Nature. Adventure park, canoe, orientation run and many more !


Navigation : 40 min

Good place to fill up your stock while the youngest are resting near the nautic and leisure base !


Navigation : 1h

Knowned for its ferry crossing the river, Ménil is a charming and quiet place that you will enjoy. Do not miss in July the bread celebration and the bath race in the river. Yes, you read that right : racing in a bath is doable … Maybe crazy but doable !


Navigation : 1h15

This city, thousands of years old, is a place where life is good ! Let its patrimony and nature oriented architecture cast a spell on you. Take a look at the ancient nunnery “Couvent des Ursulines” ; stroll in the hilly streets and its many wood house ; take a walk in the “Jardin du Bout du Monde” (french for the edge of the world garden) … And do not miss the “Marché Aux Veaux” every thursday morning on the border of the Mayenne, where farmer and merchants meet to buy calfs.


Navigation : 2h

Go get a glimpse on the menhir and dolmen, wondrous traces of a long time history. Keep your binoculars and camera at hand on this part to see the many manors and castles all along the river !


Navigation : 2h

Entrammes is a stopover full of surprises ! History lovers will enjoy the sound and light show of the old gallo-roman baths while the gourmands will go taste the Entrammes cheese at the Fromagerie Bio du Maine. And why not get a tour around the Abbaye du Port Salut (still in use !)

Guillaume’s advice : fellow rock climbers, do not miss the climbing spot along the small river behind the abbaye (knowledge and equipment necessary).

Head south for the second part of your journey !

Vacances en Mayenne

Two solutions available :

  • Go get a little detour on the Oudon river, enjoy the charm of this intimist and shadowy river. This little trip will get you in the towns of Lion d’Angers and Segré, ancient mining capital of what we call “Blue Anjou“. The trip to Segré and back to Grez Neuville will take you around 5h of navigation.
  • Or go discover Angers, a city of two thousand years old that will please anybody. Moor in front of the castle, a good starting point to visit the historical center. Do not miss the Castle and its museum on the famous Tapestries of the Apocalypse ; the Saint-Maurice Cathedral ; the Saint Martin collegiate or the David d’Angers gallery. Or you could moor near the ferry crossing the river to access Saint Aubin Island (do not miss the restaurant that serves “fouées” : a local specialty !). On the western bank you can gain access to Terra Botanica : a real landmark regarding flower and gardens in this 40ha parc dedicated to vegetal and enjoyable at any age !

Back to Grez Neuville. Rendez vous at 9AM for key return.

You are totally free on your journey’s way. Choose your visits and stopovers as you please.
Enjoy the towpath that will follow you all along the river.

marvellous mayenne

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