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(Edit from the 4th/12) : ATTENTION : in 2024, the administration is scheduling important work on the Mayenne river at the beginning of September . This suggested cruise will then be unavailable. More information by clicking on this link.

Through the Anjou lower Valleys

Départ Sablé ou Grez| Period: 3 days or more (Sarthe-Maine-Mayenne)- 11H one way

Get a one way trip on a few days through the Anjou lower valleys. A wild area that navigation will allow you to explore !

Three days or more to experience a journey in the heart of the Anjou territory. From the meanders of the Mayenne river to the “Natura 2000” protected area, all connected by the vegetal capital that is Angers : find your way through mother nature !

This cruise described below is a one way journey making departure and return points interchangeable. By crossing several rivers and territories, the trip length (three days minimum) can be freely extended to penetrate further into the Sarthe and Mayenne valleys. Please reach us by phone or email for any one way cruise to check on availibilities.

Arrival during the afternoon to our base in Sablé Sur Sarthe : boarding and training on your boat.


Navigation : 30min

Before starting your way down the Sarthe, we advise you to do a little detour up to Solesmes, to experience your first manual lock and (most importantly) get a view on the majestic abbaye.


Saint Pierre de Solesmes’ abbaye is famous for its gregorian singings that you can experience several times a day.

Also, enjoy during the week end the art gallery “La Galerie du Chemin“.

To enjoy a panoramic view on the abbaye, get a little aeriality by accessing Notre Dame du nid’s chapel through a little dirtroad up Port de Juigné.

Forêt de Pincé

Navigation : 1h

Let’s head south. After a little hour of navigation, you will stumble upon one of the rare decks built in the wild, in Pincés forest at the bottom of the golf’s fields. The perfect spot to spend the first night in full deconnection.


What if I am planning a four days trip ?


Navigation : 3 to 4h more

Take a little detour to the medieval village of Parcé Sur Sarthe (on the river) or Asnières Sur Vègre (half an hour by bike), lovely places where the stone houses are leaning toward you to whisper their story. In Parcé, I can enjoy the towpath along the river to see the majestic watermill before going up the small paved streets. In Asnières, I enjoy the Manoir de la Cour museum, the unique mural paintings of the church or the diversity of the Mosaïc Garden.

What about a fifth day ?

If you chose to visit Asnières or Parcé medieval villages, get a little further into the Sarthe valley up to Malicorne ; a landmark of the ceramic world. Beside the delicious restaurants ; the city is sheltering a rich cultural patrimony with : the exhibit inside the watermill (many artists), the Art Faïenceries or the Ceramic Museum !

I wanna travel a whole week !

Combine the several options above to visit from Malicorne to Château Gontier : a full week of adventures awaits !

You are totally free on your journey’s way. Choose your visits and stopovers as you please.
Enjoy the towpath that will follow you all along the river.


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