Go to discover Anjou, a natural landscape and unexpected heritage !!

Enjoy a one-way week cruise to discover heritage, gardens, gastronomy and the beautiful landscapes of the rivers Sarthe and Mayenne. Your vacation will be visits, strolls, activities in families and local specialities tasting !

First day

Arrival on Friday at 2 pm at Sablé port (access with high speed train), boarding and learning how to drive your boat.

Little getaway to Solesmes abbey

(sailing time 1h30)

We suggest you a little travel with go and return to admire the famous Solesmes abbey from the river.

Pincé Sur Sarthe

(sailing time 1h30)

Little village with about 200 inhabitants, this first break is the moment to stretch your legs after one hour of sailing. For lovers of golf, you will find halfway the Sablé-Solesmes Golf, one of the most beautiful golf course of France with 27 holes (the access is direct by the river).


(sailing time 1h15)

The ancient town of Morannes has about 1770 inhabitants. This is an ideal place to do the food supplies: bakery, butcher’s shop, pork butcher, and grocery are at your disposal.

Enjoy as well the museum the “boule de fort” (only sport played with slippers !) You can also eat at “l’Auberge du Port saint Aubin”. A part of the restaurant is an old chapel !

Day 2:


(sailing time 1h)

In Brissarthe, a little village of the Maine-et-Loire, let’s have a stroll around the little streets. Make the most of a petanque play under the oaks and visit church of the 12th century.


(sailing time 45 min)

After the cross of the lock, decorated by the locker, stop on the port to visit the River museum. You will learn how the Sarthe region was developed thanks to the river. For the gourmets, you can visit the chocolate shop Mathez and obviously… taste the famous “truffes” !


(sailing time 20 min)

This little village was known during the 19th century for the construction of gabares. The gabares are local boats, it can be 30 meters long. If you wish eat a grill, you can go to the “Rives gabares”, enjoy a nice moment in the restaurant where your children can play in the games.


(Sailing time 1h)

Raise your eyes to the church and resolve the riddle of the bell tower. Make the most of this stop to the Chateau du Plessis Bourré. This French castle is known for its nice architecture, gardens and furnitures.

Day 3


(sailing time 1h)

You are on the heart of a Natura 2000 area.  Take out your binoculars. Stroll around and harvest the red berries in the garden, taste it at “l’arret public” a little “guinguette”(open air café) where you will have a good evening.



(sailing time 40 min)

This village with about 4000 inhabitants is a good place for leisure, and have a break in a calm and green environment.


(sailing time 40 min)

A castle, several museums, events all the year, shops, come to discover this old city of two millenniums which will enchant you.

Day 4 


(sailing time  1h)

Town of about 2000 inhabitants, the little village of Cantenay Epinard, is a stop for stroll between pasture and bocage, between the rivers Sarthe and Mayenne, thanks to various walk tours.


(sailing time 30 min)

In this “ town in the countryside” of about 7300 inhabitant, some observation posts will be appreciated by fisherman and nature lovers.


(sailing time 30 min)

In this village, you will find butcher’s shop, bakery and grocery, if you need.


(sailing time 1h)

The ferry boat of Pruillé is the characteristic of this village with about 600 inhabitants. As there is no bridge, the ferry boat is throw by water wheel and allows to cross the river Mayenne.


(sailing time 30 min)

Secondary base of Anjou Navigation, Grez-Neuville has more or less 1470 inhabitants.

Day 5

Le Lion d’Angers

(sailing time 40 min)

Between the river Mayenne and Oudon, le Lion d’Angers (about 4000 inhabitants) is the horse country, especially with the “Haras National de l’Isle Briand”. Why not come to one of the equestrian events of the town ?


Montreuil sur Maine

(sailing time 1h )

A little village of about 650 inhabitants, come to discover the copy of the “Grotte de Lourdes” !


(sailing time 1h)

A delightful little village of 150 inhabitants, Chenillé-Changé is ideal for a flowery walk, with gastronomy and rich heritage.

La Jaille-Yvon

(sailing time 30 min)

A town with about 300 inhabitants, La Jaille-Yvon offers you a stop to make sport with Anjou Sport Nature.


(sailing time 40 min)

Enjoy this little village with about 500 inhabitants for your little food supplies. The outdoor center of activities allow adults and children to have a break.


(sailing time 1h)

Known for the ferry boat crossing the river, Ménil, is a village of about 1000 inhabitants. You will enjoy it thanks to its beauty and its quiet. Come to see the “fete du pain” or the “course de baignoire” (bathtub race) during the month of july.

Château-Gontier (sailing time 1h15)

This millennium city is 12 000 inhabitants is a good place to live. Let’s discover the heritage and it nature. Why not go to the calf market place on Thursday morning ?! Enjoy this stop for the food supplies. Don’t forget to visit “Chez Antoine”, this chocolate maker will show you his creation.

Day 6


(sailing time 2h)

Little town of 450 inhabitants, its menhir and dolmen are the memory of a past very far away. Take your binocular to discover manor and castles all through the river !


(sailing time 1h)

A little town of 400 inhabitants, until Origné you begin now to see that the river is more steep-sided.


(sailing time 1h)

Entrammes (about  2250 inhabitants) will be for you a stop with surprises. History-lovers will see the sound and light show, whereas gourmands can go to taste cheese at the “Fromagerie Bio du Maine”. Why not make a tour to l’Abbaye du Port Salut ?!


(sailing time 2h)

Town of 52 000 inhabitants and administrative center, Laval as well a “city in the country” and a city of arts and history, homeland to the “douanier Rousseau”.

During your visit enjoy the medieval heart and the old castle. His last “bateau lavoir” (wash house boat) is again is the witness of the washerwoman activity around the river.

Day 7


You are now at the end of the cruise. You have slept a last night on board and this morning it’s time to give it back to the next holiday-maker who will take, like you, a week to discover the rivers Sarthe and Mayenne.

Thank you for your trust and we hope you had a great moment.

We are at your full disposal for all comments or questions. Don’t hesitate to fill in our “Avis Plaisancier” to improve our service !

Of course, we are at your full disposal to prepare your next cruse !

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