Relax ! For your vacations, Anjou Navigation is updating its terms and conditions regarding COVID-19 to make it clear, simple and easy for you !

anjou navigation covid conditions

Do I need any vaccination proof to make my cruise.

Our activity is not under any restriction regarding vaccination : you will not have to present any vaccination proof to make your cruise here. If you are travelling from abroad, we advise to check with you government regarding travelling restriction from and toward France.

If I cannot come because of COVID-19, what will become of my booking with Anjou Navigation ?

Enventually, an event is preventing you from coming enjoy your cruise ?Then, Anjou Navigation is offering you the possibility to reschedule your cruise later during the year or for the next one, no additionnal fees.

Also, those willing to reschedule on a more expensive period of the year would be offered discounted quotes !

What cases are covered by Anjou Navigation for these terms and conditions regarding COVID ?

Will be covered every cruise which would be impacted with one of the following event when the cruise should take place :

  • Lockdown
  • Area restriction preventing you to come
  • Crew member tested positive
  • Crew member in quarantine
  • Travelling from a foreign country : any government restriction forbidding you to cross a border or enforcing a quarantine upon departure or arrival

What if I cannot reschedule my cruise ?

If, unfortunately, you do not have the chance to reschedule your cruise, Anjou Navigation will refund any amount of deposit fee sent to us, no fee deducted.

My cruise can take place eventually ! Is the current situation having any impact during my cruise ?

After a year 2020, welcoming crews during this particular situation ; the whole staff of Anjou Navigation is ready and experienced, to welcome you again in 2021 ! By using simple but effective processes to ensure both your and our safety :

  • Extended delay of vacant boats between two crews to leave enough time to anturally air and decontaminate each boat
  • Use of virucidal aerosol in our boat before welcoming every new crew
  • Delivery of bed sheets and linens in individual bagged kits

Anjou Navigation is also asking you a few things to ensure everyone’s security :

  • Online beginners’ lesson to give you an introduction to your training here to gain time on the departure day
  • Scheduling rendez-vous for your training upon departure to avoid crowded marinas
  • Wearing your mask during the said training (two people simultanously with the trainer during training maximum, in order to reduce the number of people onboard)

However, if you still have any questions …

Reach us !