Family houseboat renovation !

The Marina 1400, our family houseboat ambassador, is getting a second life !

Penichette familiale 11 personnes
The Marina 1400 navigating

Houseboats still got it !

Although new boats are regularly coming to renew the fleet … There are some design that still have great success even after decades ! Take for example : the Marina 1400 ! A family houseboat that, even after 33 years of service, is still one of our best-seller.

First of all : its vintage look, assumed. But also, these design still are renowned for their conviviality : spacious living room and a high crew capacity … And let’s not forget the impressively large upper deck that makes the joy of both adults and children !

Successfull first tests on smaller scale

By the years, some similar boats (on smaller scale) had their own renovation ! For example the “Loft” version of our Eau Claire (9 and 11 meters) done these last few years … Here is a sneak peak of our last project in the winter of 2019-2020 :

Now starting the renovation of our biggest family houseboat : the Marina 1400 !

Indeed, with its 14 meters long, we are starting this winter the full renovation of one of our Marina 1400. In a few words, the Marina is notably :

  • A big crew capacity (bedding up to 11 people indeed !)
  • The most spacious living room of all the fleet thanks to its design
  • An outside back steering wheel like they use to make at the time : an ideal position to navigate
  • The last of its kind still in rental : it’s here in Anjou !

Check down here the advancement of the project, that will be updated as it progresses :

Why renovate an older family houseboat ?

First of all, because 30 years of intense navigation : it gets tiring ! Although every winter is a time for small repair and improvements ; there’s nothing better than a good complete renovation !

And, second of all, because we are still listening to our faithfull crews. We heard you : the Marina still got its success ; so let’s reward it with some innovations ?