Écourues Sarthe 2022 : what you need to know

The coming year will see the écourues of Sarthe 2022 : a time that brings cleaning, maintenance but also a few changes for the navigating crews. So we tell you everything !

What is “écourues” ?!

The écourues is a moment when we open all the dams on the river. The river then returns to its natural level. Which is much more lower than what we are used to see !

Why écourues in Sarthe in 2022 ?

Regularly, the counties responsible for the maintenance of the rivers are organising those “écourues”. In 2022, it’s Sarthe’s turn ! This process has several goals :

  • Cleaning and retrieving waste
  • Check, maintain and repair the bridges/locks/dams etc …
  • Schedule works that are not doable when water level is high

When will this take place ?

Precise dates are still to be determined. But, traditionally, the écourues are starting at the beginning of September and end at the end of the year. For updated informations, do not hesitate to ckeck Sarthe county’s website.

What consequence the écourues of Sarthe 2022 will have on my cruise ?

To anticipate this change of setting, the whole fleet of Anjou Navigation is scheduled to move end of August / beginning of September. Our boat will then cruise exclusively from our Grez Neuville marina, on the Mayenne river.

Also, Anjou’s county takes advantage of this time to do some work on the southern dams and locks. All cruise should then be done northward (see map below).

But, do not worry, there is still a large area to navigate left, with more than 120km of navigable waters. THat means around fifty hours of navigation possible between the Mayenne, but also the Oudon river !

écourues sarthe 2022

Any question ?

For any question regarding these matters, do not hesitate to reach us !