As per usual, winter time is the moment for big maintenance work and improvement on our fleet !

2020’s goal : a little comfort for our forties !

The year 2020 is bringing us the 40th year of Anjou Navigation’s adventure ; it is then time to look out for our your comfort ! Aside from the mandatory and regular maintenance works on our fleet ; our technical staff is managing some creative time to bring some improvement on our ranges. And this winter, there’ll be no lack of work !

Bergeronnette is getting a second youth !

Our Eau Claire 1130 is still a hit among you sailors ! Time to reward to her !

Her vintage look, its nice single storey inside space, the sunroof opening on the friendly living room … This barge houseboat may be a wee bit old, she is still appreciated … And many of our crew would tell you that to try it is to adopt it !

So, all of Anjou Navigation’s team decided to offer her a second youth ; like its little sisters the Eau Claire 930 a few years back. Paint job, inside design, equipments, many new features are at the program ! Get a glimpse on the evolving work :

Bowthusters on our Quattros

Some help at the manoeuvers ?

Thoses little devices is increasingly asked : the bowthrusters (engine mounted at the boat’s front to allow lateral movement) will progressively be equipped on our Nicols Quattro ! Normally reserved to our biggest 13,50m models ; this handy device will now greatly improve your comfort of navigation during docking, lock manoeuvers, etc …

This thrusters can operate either by water projection or by creating a tunnel in the hull to install a second engine. The goal is to equip two third of our Quattros for 2020 (then called “Quattro B”) and the rest for 2021.

Showers that feels like home

Who says boat often says small bathroom, with the faucet transforming into a shower head in order to save space. We tried it on our of our Nicols 1100 during the season : and we should go forward and equip part of the fleet step by step, to bring you shower columns in your boats !

May the ideas be raining upon us !

C’est parti !

Many other little things are scheduled for your boats ! Byt maybe you do have some recommendation following a trip on Anjou’s rivers ? Tell us !