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Postcard from Anjou Navigation

You wish to receive a postcard from Anjou Navigation ? In that case, it’s down here :

carte postale anjou navigation

But what happened to the brochure ? Also, why a postcard from Anjou Navigation ?

After many years of printing several thousands brochures and leaflets … We finally took the decision of changing to a postcard format.

Mainly in a process aiming to reduce the aberrant waste of paper that represents the tourism industry (in 2015, the french association UFC Que Choisir calculated that an average citizen consumes the equivalent of 3 paper reams per month !). 

And last but not least, in order to save you some time. On the postcard, you will find a QR code to reach online booking to check prices or availibilities. Do not hesitate to ask any question you would have !  We indeed personalize our mail to join any additional information you would need.

For example : do you need a map ? Or maybe the practical information regarding your boat ? Also a quote ? Then, do not hesitate to ask anything you need through the field “need something else”.

You can also find every useful information online

Because most of the time, an image is worth a thousand words … Take a look to the following links to find the information you need !

A family business : that's the postcard spirit !

Also, if you prefer “buying local” … No big company nor call center here : all Anjou Navigation staff is working right on the river ! It is the same team that maintains the boats, trains the coming crews,helps you put up your cruise and booking, etc … 

So, if looking for information online isn’t your cup of tea and that you prefer reaching directly a professional, do not hesitate to reach us ! You can even make an appointment if you wish to come see us at the marina and visit the boats that might suit you !