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Mayenne river closing 2024 : what you need to know about the "écourues"

Why and when is the Mayenne closing due to the “écourues”. Let’s take a look !

écourues mayenne 2024

"Écourues" ? What in a duck's name is that ?

“Écourues” is our local lingo for river closing. Rest assured : it doesn’t mean we will stop working ; on the contrary !

The écourues are an important part of the life of our rivers. All the dams are opened in order to set the river back to its natural bed (a lot shallower than what we are used to see !).

In the Rivers of Western France®, the river closing alternate between the Mayenne and Oudon, the Sarthe, and the Loir.

And, this year, you guessed it : it is the turn for the Oudon and the Mayenne river closing.

Mayenne river closing in 2024 : what for ?

The departments (counties) of Maine et Loire and Mayenne are undertaking these “écourues” for several reasons. Among others :

For example : find all the leaks and used seals in locks, hydroelectric dams, etc …

When will the closing of the Mayenne river happen in 2024 ?

The “écourues” will start in September the 2nd and will be done in several phases, by area :

  • From September the 2nd : from Mayenne to Bootz Lock (Laval
  • From September the 7th : from Laval to Mirwault lock (Château Gontier)
  • From September the 10th : from the Jaille Yvon lock to Montreuil Juigné lock (+ the Oudon)
  • From the 14th of September : from Château Gontier to the Jaille Yvon lock

The reopening of these areas will start progressively in November. The end of the whole “écourues” is scheduled for the 11th of December.

écourues mayenne 2024

What about my cruise if the Mayenne river is closing in 2024 ?

If you are scheduling (or already scheduled) a cruise in late 2024, here is what you should know :

Departure from Grez Neuville

  • You are navigating a full week or more in September : you should be downstream of Château Gontier starting from the 7th of September
  • The last cruises should return in Grez Neuville during the week end of the 7-8th of September
  • For one-way cruises : make sure to leave the Mayenne river the 9th of September for the latest.

Departure from Sablé Sur Sarthe

Few impact

  • The cruise of one week or more in September can navigate down the Sarthe and up the Mayenne to Montreuil Juigné maximum
  • No one way cruises will be done from Sablé Sur Sarthe starting from the 2nd of September.
écourues mayenne 2024

Any question ?

Anjou Navigtion’s staff has seen many “écourues” : we will help you through the logistics of your cruise if you have any doubt !