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Boating holiday : Checklist to prepare my suitcase

First time on a riverboat or just need a check-up before embarking ? No worries, we’re here to remind you of all the things you’ll need in your suitcase with this boating holiday checklist ! 

vacances bateau valise boating holiday checklist
Ready for a riverboat adventure?

For those who start packing their bags a month before departure, but also for procrastinators who are leaving “already” tomorrow… It’s time to start packing!

If you’re here, it’s probably because you don’t know where to start either.

There’s no need to panic ! Always remember that even the most experienced sailor has forgotten an essential piece of equipment 😉

To avoid any incidents, here’s a list of essential things to take in your suitcase for an unforgettable boating holiday on the river !

The aim is not to bring everything that appears on this list. The idea is for you to make a few selections of what you might need during your stay ! Forget those 10 kilos of “just in case” items, it’s holiday time ! 

What's the ideal suitcase to bring on a boating holiday?

Backpacks, travel bags, flexible suitcases, rigid suitcases… You can quickly get lost with all this luggage ! So what’s the best luggage for a boating holiday?

As you’ve probably guessed, the space on a boat is rather limited. Although there are a few cupboards and storage trapdoors, these spaces are rather narrow and can make it difficult to store several large suitcases. For this reason, we recommend using bags that are relatively flexible and can be easily folded and stowed in your respective cabin cupboard.

The essentials in my suitcase for a worry-free boating holiday !

What about clothes?

A few days before embarking, check the weather conditions to avoid any unwelcome surprises !

A wash bag, maybe?

The little extras!

For an eco-friendly suitcase that won't leave the boat on flat batteries!

Please keep in mind that the boat is battery-powered, so here’s a short list of things not to bring with you on the boat (i.e. power-hungry equipment) : 

Questions, advices, booking.... Don't hesitate!