Easy Canal Boat Holidays France / Europe

Looking for easy canal boat holidays in France / Europe ? Check out the region of Anjou and the Rivers of Western France, a beginner-friendly area which also provides self drive boat rental.

easy canal boat holidays france europe

Quiet rivers for easy sailing !

The previously called “Bassin de La Maine” has a few assets that makes it famous ! A renowned riverboating area for a first experience … Or if you are looking for a quiet place to navigate.

First of all, this rivers are an enclosed area. Meaning, a private boat cannot cross it, but indeed, only explore it ! Consequently making it a quiet place with fewer boats : no traffic jam !

And, though historically a merchant’s route for marble and stone, Anjou is now free from any commercial boat. Rules regarding navigation are made easy, as navigation here is only for leisure.

Rivers maintained by their own territories !

That may seem obvious, but do not be fooled ! Most of the rivers both nationwide and worldwide are managed and maintained by big federations. Anjou is one of the exceptions, where the rivers are owned and taken care of by their territories directly.

What may seem as a detail is in fact a tremendous asset and promise of quality. They are the one employing the staff and managing their own patrimony ! More informations on the Western Rivers by clicking here.

Lock keepers to help you through an easy canal boat holidays !

The best ambassador but also the most helpful on the river : the lock keeper. During high season but also during most of the low season, the lock keepers are here to help you ! To guide you through the lock of course, but also give you tips and touristic informations of the surrounding areas.

A complete training upon arrival

Anjou Navigation, settled in the region since 1980, provides self drive houseboats rental. But most of all, we provide a full training for any cruise, including :

  • map reading
  • a few rules to learn
  • doing a knot
  • equipment and boat presentation
  • manoeuver training

Want to book an easy canal boat holidays ?