Boating holidays : a new way to travel

Nothing better than a resting holiday alongside the quiet waters of the rivers. Boating holidays are indeed best suited if you are looking for calm and tranquility.

Family is playing during holiday on a boat

Boating holidays yes, but what kind of navigation ?

First of all, Anjou Navigation provides self drive houseboats. What does that mean ?

All our boats are equipped with cabins to allow the crew some comfort all along your trip. Also, an equipped kitchen with tableware, fridge, oven and hob, etc … All that you would need is some good food to fill this up ! Even toilets and showers are on board.

Depending on the range and the crew expected, we provide a wide diversity of boats with 1 to 5 cabins. Indeed, you can expect a capacity up to 12 people for our biggest ones.

Now, ready to set off for a few days, a week or more with everything you need !

Vacances en bateau sur un modèle de 8/10 personnes

Who can navigate ?

No licence needed ! Any cruise with two adults minimum are allowed to navigate.

What are the conditions to do such boating holidays ?

Good news ! If no licence is needed, we do on the other hand provide a full training for each crew, included in our prices for any cruise. Upon departure, you can expect a one-hour training, including map reading, learnig the rules, how to do a knot, how to handle the boat etc … You are then delivered a temporary licence for the duration of your crew.

If you want to get a glimpse of it, you can take a look at our online training by ckicking here.

Where can we navigate ?

Anjou Navigation has two different marinas. Grez Neuville which is located on the Mayenne river in Anjou. And Sablé-sur-Sarthe, which, ont the other hand, is situated on the Sarthe river.

Three different counties, a few other smaller rivers : in the overall you have an average of 300 kilometers of navigable waters.

Cartes rivières Sarthe, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne pour vacances en bateau

What can we do on the river ? What activity during boating holidays ?

There is something for every one of you crew ! If you are looking for a quiet time, there plenty of places to do picnics, fishing and sightseeing.

A family trip ? Why not try out one of the leisure bases that are scattered along the way ?

For the most sportives, you can embark a bike on board or take a run alongside the towpath along the rivers.

Finally, if patrimony is what you are looking for, there are several mills, museum, castle and medieval villages to visit.

In any case, boating holidays will bring you a slow-paced way of doing vacations.

Are you ready to do your boating holidays ?

Want to check the fleet or reach us ?