Boat in retirement !

This boat took its retirement ! Indeed, after many years of sailing, time for a new adventure !

Why is this boat retired ?

If properly maintained, a river boat can last a really long time, even through rental. Our oldest, for example, has more than 35 years of service, and still is one of our best-sellers !

But indeed, there comes a time when freshening up the fleet is important to make sure we keep on offering you boats that follow our loyal crews’ expectations !

The reason can be various.

  • Some ranges sometime have good features that become obsolete with new design arriving on the market …
  • The lack of outside space …
  • Some conception that are not compatible with renovations …
  • A renovation too expensive to be paid off by futur rentals …
  • Etc …

What becomes of a boat in retirement ?

It is not because a boat is no more suitable for rental that it is completely out of the game ! It is in fact the time for it to start a new (sometime even more busy) adventure : to finally find its long-lasting and unique captain & owner !

Our team takes the decision, on a regular basis, to sell one of our boat. It is not a rarity to see one of our loyal crew enjoying so much riverboating that they end up become owners !

A beautiful time to make new projects : redesigning the boat, travelling to a new river network, some new colours, etc …

For the most interested of you, you can regularly check our dedicated webpage by clicking on this link and see if any boats are available to buy.

What will replace this boat ?

But indeed ! Before doing all of this, we need to find a suitable substitute ! And regularly, a new season rhymes with a new boat arrival !

And for this, all your experience feedback after your cruise are essential for us : they allow us to take the right decision for our futur investment.

Do not hesitate to reach us if you have any question !