2020 is reaching to its end !

Bernard is looking back on the events that made this year memorable !

Opus, the brand new boat !

Opus arrival on the Sarthe river

Our new boat, the Nicols Sixto named “Opus” by our Facebook community, arrived beginning of April ! With this event, the range is getting a little wider ; offering the roomiest three cabin boat of the fleet ; alongside an optimal onboard comfort (bowthrusters, side doors, flying bridge, large shower cabin etc …). Take a glimpse on the Nicols Sixto by clicking here.


The summer was hot, hot, hot !!!

Damn, Kevin just “accidently” fell into the water …

The winter has been hot in Anjou ; and many of you sailors came onboard to refresh yourself alongside the water …  But you’re not the only one ! When the heat is reaching your trainers and mechanics ; the lunch break is turning into a swimming session !


Mayenne lock-keepers throwing a hell of a party !

A friendly and successfull party !

As per usual, the Mayenne county managed to enlighten its conviviality, its peaceful sceneries and its spirit of celebration ; and this all thankd to the Mayenne’s lock-keepers ! A party that the whole staff of Anjou Navigation enjoyed and wishes to be renewed next year !


Jean François heading to a new adventure !

To leave the Marina with panache !

After many years of loyal and tremendous work, the Sablé marina advisor, head of the technical team ; our intrepid Mcgyver and keeper of knowledge is reaching a well-earned retirement ! All the staff is wishing him favorable winds for its nautical and terrestrial adventures !


New staff coming in !

Our new colleagues discovering their new working space

This year, the team of Anjou Navigation is getting a bit wider !

We are welcoming Josué, a sea navigator that we are converting to the benefits of inland fresh waters, bringing its support to Alexis, Christian and Kevin for the technical part of our work !

Lilou is also joining us as an apprentice, to help you choose the right boat, do your booking and organize your cruise !


The Sarthe “écourrues”

When the Marina turns into a beach !

If last year was the time for the Mayenne écourrues, 2019 was Sarthe’s year !

The écourrues, taking place once every three years, involve lowering all water dams so the river can find its natural, lowest level again.  This event, lasting approximately two months, allows a deep cleaning of the river alongisde repairing bridges, locks and installing new fish passes, etc …

With the autumn’s rains that we got this year ; the écourrues will be a bit extended through the winter and navigation will be closed on some river’s section to finish the work that started.


And what about you ?

A memorable moment ?

Our best memories were and always will be those you share with us. A atypical story, a sharing moment, an unexpected encounter ? Tell us about it !