Leave the EU, take back Anjou !

As your ancestors, get aboard and come reclaim the wild lands of Anjou !

Bring your crew in the meanders of Sarthe and Mayenne valleys and take a look at a rich historical patrimony of castles, mills and french gastronomy.

From two to twelve persons, for one week end, a full week or else : come have a break here aboard one of our license-free boat.

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© Maxime Guillon

What about Brexit ?

Well don’t worry, we won’t hold that against you ! 😀

And, deal or no deal, the trains will still stay on track, planes will still arrive here and we are still here to help you organize your trip !

And, because the heart of a sailor is always confident in the unknown, we are ready to postpone or even reimburse your trip if any of your transportation would be cancelled because of Brexit.

All aboard ! Reach our office here.