Where is Tara ?” has been coming to visit us in Mayenne !

And Mayenne cast a spell on her !

Along with cooking classes and the mesmerizing Robert Tatin museum, she gave a shot at boat driving !

From Laval to Entrammes, take a look at her journey !

“At night the lights from the buildings are reflected in the water of the river Mayenne which makes for a very photogenic (and romantic) scene […] And with all the wonderful cider, wine and cheese, who wouldn’t want to stay just a little bit longer ! […] There is no better way to explore the Mayenne department than via the river of the same name. We took a cruise down the Mayenne river with Anjou Navigation.”

“The brave souls even let us drive the boat, which was a lot less terrifying than I was expecting. There is also a cycle path (around 85km of cycle path I believe) along the banks of the river if that’s something you’re into. The river itself has locks, which was a complete novelty to me. I’ve run across them as a child but I’d never actually been IN a boat in the lock waiting for the water level to rise.”

“It was October so the Autumn colours were out in all their glory. Trees bent down from the banks, their branches reaching out to dip themselves in the water of the river. A cat sat in a wooden dingy eyeing us curiously, possibly skeptical of my driving. We passed by water mills, churches, beautiful old stone houses and tiny towns. Pretty much every inch of the way looked like it could be an oil painting.”

“The boats are fully kitted out with sleeping areas, kitchen and toilets. The river is also FULL of fish and it’s possible to get a fishing license for the duration of your trip if that’s what you’re into !”

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